If you want to make a dropper in Minecraft, you can do so with seven cobblestone blocks and one Redstone dust.

Once you get both materials, place them in the following pattern below to craft them inside a crafting table.

However, if you don’t know where to get either of these materials, don’t worry they are easy to get. For starters, you can get cobblestone simply by mining stone blocks with any kind of pickaxe.

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Now for redstone dust, you will need to find redstone ore blocks which are often found underground around levels -63 to 15. When you find and gather both materials, simply bring them back to a crafting table and use the above pattern to make them.

After you make the dropper, you will be able to use it redstone creations, with the primary purpose being to move items. You can place the dropper so I can move certain objects in pretty much any direction you can think of. Another thing to note is that if you use a dropper with buckets of water or lava, it will unload the contents when activated.

That being said, it will ultimately be up to you what you want to use the dropper for. You can also find a lot of great videos online that will show you some various creations you can recreate using a dropper.

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