To make a dispenser in Minecraft, you will need to gather seven cobblestone blocks, one redstone dust, a bow and place them in the following pattern below inside a crafting table. 

Getting both the cobblestone and redstone you need for this recipe is easy. You can get cobblestone from mining stone blocks and redstone from mining down to levels -63 to 15. For the bow, however, you will need to get three sticks and three strings to make. 

Once you got that done, place everything how we have it in the image above, and you will make a dispenser in Minecraft, but what can you use a dispenser for? 

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In short, you can use it primarily in redstone creations to dispense items quickly, and it also servers a similar to the dropper. 

The key difference is that it will simply dispense items and dump buckets of water or lava. You can also use dispensers to make arrow traps, which you can sometimes encounter in dungeons already set up. To make an arrow trap, you will need tripwire hooks and more red stone.

Place the tripwire hooks and then have redstone leading from the dispenser, and when someone triggers the tripwire a arrow should fly their way if you place a bunch in the dispenser.

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