To make an Ice Bomb in Minecraft, players will need to craft a total of four Sodium Acetate inside a lab table in Minecraft.

To get Sodium Acetate, players will need to grab an element constructor and craft the following elements listed below. 

  • Two Carbon
  • Three Hydrogen
  • One Sodium
  • Two Oxygen

You can make all four elements by using the element constructor, which you can get if you have both creative mode and education mode enabled and unlocked. 

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Starting with Carbon, you can make it with six protons, six electrons, and up to 5 or eight neutrons. Place all of these particles in the slots on the left of your screen while inside the element constructor. Feel free to also use the image below as a resource on what to do.

Once you got at least two Carbon, move on to the other elements you need for Sodium Acetate. So, to make Hydrogen, you will need one proton, electron, and up to one or two neutrons – place them exactly as shown below.

After Hydrogen, you will need to make Sodium. Sodium requires 11 protons, 11 electrons, and up to 11 or 13 neutrons.

For the last element, which is Oxygen, you will need eight protons, eight electrons, and up to eight or ten neutrons. Once you have all four materials, you will be able to make Sodium Acetate.

But remember, you need at least four units of Sodium Acetate to make one Ice bomb, so to make four Sodium Acetate, you will need at least eight Carbon, 12 Hydrogen, four Sodium, and eight Oxygen. 

When you have made at least four Sodium Acetate, find your lab table, and place all of them inside the lab table as shown below.

Click combine and you will then create one Ice Bomb in Minecraft Education Edition, and this Ice Bomb can then be used to freeze any water source in the game when thrown.

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