Mirco managing your inventory and smelting can be a pain in non-modded Minecraft. Luckily there is a way to make smelting easier by making an auto smelter in Minecraft.

In short, you can make an auto smelter really easily, in fact, all you will need is just three hoppers, three chests, and one furnace. To get the hoppers you will need, you can make them with five iron ingots and one chest using a v shaped pattern with the chest in the middle slot.

For both the chests and furnace, you can use the same format which is blocks in every slot but the middle one. But to make chests, you will need wood, and a furnace you will need stone. 

When you got all of that way, you can make the auto smelter by placing a furnace down and breaking the block underneath it, and ensuring there is a clear space similar to the image below.

Once the furnace is placed, grab your hoppers and place one on the bottom by sneaking or holding down shift – make sure to highlight the bottom of the furnace before placing it. Now repeat this step for the top of the furnace and the left of it, and when you are done, your hoppers should look like our image above.

After placing all of the hoppers, procced by placing all three chests in the same spots, we have ours in the image above. When all are placed, you can use the auto smelter with the steps listed below.

  • Place ore and materials in the chest marked with a blue box.
  • Place fuel such as coal in the chest marked with a red box.

Using the steps above, will automatically add both fuel and materials to the furnace and then deposit the finished results into the chest marked with a green box.

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