Disney Dreamlight Valley renames traditional Sushi dishes, Nigirizushi and Makizushi, as Sushi and Maki, respectively. Nigirizushi is raw fish on top of a bed of sushi rice. Makizushi is cooked or raw fish rolled in sushi rice and seaweed. There are eight total dishes you can cook up in the game that fall into this family. Here’s all the recipes and ingredients you’ll need:

How to cook all Sushi and Maki dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Some common ingredients you’ll need are Rice, which you can buy and grow in the Glade of Trust, and Seaweed, which can be obtained via fishing in water that is not bubbling. Here are all the recipes and other ingredients needed:

  • Sushi: Any Fish, Rice
  • Fugu Sushi: Fugu, Rice, Seaweed (even though it’s not Maki, we know.)
  • Maguro Sushi: Ginger, Rice, Seaweed, Tuna
  • Sake Sushi: Rice, Salmon
  • Maki: Any Fish, Rice, Seaweed
  • Kappa Maki: Cucumber, Rice, Seaweed
  • Sake Maki: Rice, Salmon, Seaweed
  • Tekka Maki: Rice, Seaweed, Soya, Tuna

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