If you want to get to more advanced crafting in Grounded then you’re going to need yourself a Workbench! It isn’t too difficult to create, but it’s a bit different than the things you’ve been crafting so far in the game. This piece of technology will require that you have at least one tool, and gather some harder to find materials.

To get a Workbench in Grounded, you will need to gather 3 Grass Planks, 4 Sprigs, and 2 Sap. While this sounds relatively easy, the Grass Planks are where some of the confusion lies. You are going to need an axe to harvest these, and they can’t be placed in your inventory. So, how exactly can we craft the Workbench? I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step below!

First, gather yourself some Sprigs. These can be found pretty much anywhere you can find normal grass. They are basically little growths of plants and grass that haven’t matured yet.

Sap is a little harder to come by, you’ll need to locate a brand, twig, or stick and look all around it. The sap will be stuck on the bottom, top, and basically anywhere around it. You can find multiple instances of it if you look over the stick enough.

Now that we have the easier resources, it’s time to handle the Grass Planks. As mentioned previously, you’re going to need an axe. You can learn how to craft one in our axe guide. Once you have it, you need to equip it and then locate a normal blade of grass. Now that you have your axe, start chopping it down until it breaks.

After it breaks it will fall down into planks of grass. You will notice when you go to grab one of these that it doesn’t go into your inventory. These are too big to have in your backpack, so you can only carry them. What you need to do is carry three of them at once (they stack when you grab more than one) while having the rest of the materials you need in your backpack. Go to your inventory and to the crafting menu.

Look for the Utilities option and you should find Workbench. You can now craft it as long as you have all the materials ready. You will be placed into a construction placement menu, and you can place the Workbench wherever you like. Once you’ve decided on its placement, you can then hit build on it to fully construct it! Now that it has been created, you can make yourself some armor and various higher grade weapons.

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