If you are looking to go Viral on Youtube in Bitlife, this guide will teach you the basics and what you need to do. 

How to go Viral on Bitlife

In short, if you want to go viral on Youtube in Bitlife, the only thing you can do is produce a ton of videos of one type and hope for the best. This is because the rate at which you can go viral is random, but if you only produce one type of content, the rate, and chance of it happening increases. 

It could also help to start of young and post a ton of videos of one type, such as gaming, when the option to create a Youtube account unlocks at age 13 to 14

At this point, you’ll want to post as much as possible, as there doesn’t seem to be an exact limit on how much you can post per year. Because of this, you should just post an amount you are comfortable with.

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Combine this with good looks, health, and happiness stats, and you should at some point get one video that will go viral. Along with this, you will also build your channel up and gain more subscribers if you focus on one type of content.  

But If you have trouble gaining subscribers, you can always buy them in the Youtube tab under social media. However, be warned this will cost money, so you might want a side job to pay for your early start-up. 

That said, once you get big enough on Youtube, you will also unlock more options to play around with, such as monetization and the ability to promote products on your account. 

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