To make a video go viral in BitLife, there is not much you can do beyond just consistently posting one type of video. Basically, you will want to mass-produce videos of one category, like gaming videos, every year.  

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Sooner or later, you’ll get one that will go viral, but beyond just mass-producing content like a tank factory, there’s not much else that can be done. The reason why is that the rate at which videos go viral in BitLife is random and left to the RNG gods to decide. 

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However, you can tip the scales of fate in your favor if you just produce one type of content. Doing so will make the RNG gods throw you a bone, and that bone will be one viral video. We also recommend combining the mass content producing method with good looks, health, and happiness stats.

Having high amounts in all three BitLife stats will help you gain more subscribers and increase the chances of getting a viral video. More subscribers also mean a higher chance of more people seeing your content, thus a higher chance of getting a viral video.

Getting a viral video is also an objective in the Bijuu Mike challenge in BitLife and has also appeared in other challenges. For that reason, it’s always worth knowing how to get one. 

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