To make a shovel in Breakwaters, you will need tree branches, hardened shells, and seagrass. If you don’t know how to get any of the materials needed to make a shovel, the table below can help you.

ResourcesHow to get them
Three Tree branchesTo get tree branches in Breakwaters, players will need to chop down trees and harvest the branches that drop from them.
One Hardened ShellTo get hardened shells, players will need to kill crab enemies in Breakwaters. Upon death, crabs will drop around one hardened shell.
Ten SeagrassTo get seagrass, you will need to search along the beaches on islands in the game. Along these beaches, there will be groupings for grass plants; hit them and they will drop seagrass.
Builder’s TableTo make a builders table, you will need eight seagrass and ten tree branches.

Once you make a shovel in Breakwaters, you can use it to dig up the soil and look for hidden treasures in the game. 

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To use the shovel, place it on your hot bar, right-click it to equip it, and then left-click with your mouse to use it to dig. Doing so will allow you to dig up the ground and find items such as cannonballs and sea crystals.

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