In V Rising, one of the keys to survival is avoiding the sun. This can be done by sticking to the shadows during the day however building a roof over your base will allow you to work freely during the day, while also giving passive bonuses to crafting.

How to construct a Castle Room

To build a roof, you will first need to create a room surrounded by reinforced walls, these can be in your crafting menu under Castle, Walls, Reinforced Wall. You can add doorways and windows to this room, provided they are using the reinforced framework. You will then need to cover the entire floor with castle flooring, found under Castle, Floors, Castle Flooring. You can use any type of flooring, however every square between the reinforced walls must be covered with flooring.

Once you have done this correctly the game will automatically construct a roof above the room.

Room Bonuses

You should house your crafting stations inside this room as you received bonuses for crafting for doing so. If your crafting station is in a confined castle room, you receive a 25% bonus on crafting and refinement rate. Once you have unlocked forge floors you should change to this flooring type which will give you a 25% reduced cost of crafting an item.

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