Muckshakes are a brand new cooking recipe in Valheim with the recent Hearth and Home update. To make a muchshake will require a cauldron and the following materials listed below. 

  • 1 Ooze
  • 2 Raspberries
  • 2 Blueberries

Before you can make a muchshake, make sure to have at least a level two cauldron by placing one over a campfire and upgrading it with upgrade structures nearby. 

Once you get all of that done, you will be ready to make a muckshake. Check the table below for where to find all of the required materials to make a muckshake in Valheim.

All materials required to make a Muckshake in ValheimHow to get them
1 OozeYou can get Ooze from killing the slime enemies in the swamp biome – make sure to pack poison potions before you go off and fight them though.
2 RaspberriesYou can get Raspberries from bushes in the Meadows biome
2 BlueberriesYou can get Blueberries from bushes in the Black forest biome biome

Once you got all of the materials for the muckshake, open your cauldron up and click craft to make it. After it is made it will give you the following bonuses for drinking it.

  • Health 10
  • Stanima 50
  • Duration 20m
  • Healing 1 hp/tick

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