To make a Molotov Cocktail in Project Zomboid, you will need an Empty Bottle and either a full Gas Can or a bottle of Bourbon. You will also need to have Ripped sheets that you can get from ripping clothes.

To get Empty Bottles, you will need to drain Water Bottles, Wine, and other alcohol bottles. If you want to find Gas Cans, you will need to loot garages and fill them full of gas at Fuel Pumps

You can get Empty Bottles from looting homes and find Bourbon at bars. However, if you were wondering what’s the difference between using Gas Cans and Bourbon makes a single Molotov while Gas Cans can make multiple.

Because of this, we highly recommend using Gas Cans as you can get more Molotovs and can save Bourbon for other uses. It’s also easier to get more gas to fill Gas Cans than you can find Bourbon in Project Zomboid. 

How to use Molotov Cocktails in Project Zomboid

If you are wondering how to use Molotovs in Project Zomboid, you just need to throw them. You are not required to light the Molotov for it to explode, just making the Molotov is all you need to do. 

We also recommend using Molotov Cocktails as a way to clear out a large number of Zombies. However, be careful as if Zombies wander off, they can set fire to buildings causing loot to be destroyed.

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