To make a potion of weakness in Minecraft, players will need a brewing stand, one spider eye, and some blaze powder to power the stand.

If you don’t have a brewing stand, you can make one using three cobblestones and one blaze rod placed inside a crafting table, as shown below.

You can get the blaze rods you need from blazes that spawn in the nether, usually around fortresses, and you can get cobblestone from mining stone with at least a wood pickaxe and up.

When you get everything, just place them how we have it in our image above, and you will be good to go, and all there will be left to do is get some spider eyes and make blaze powder. For the blaze powder, just chuck the blaze rods in a crafting table, and bam, you have the powder you need.

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To get spider eyes in Minecraft, you will need to, as the name suggests, find and kill spiders in the game. You can find spiders in both caves and out and about in the overworld at night.

But walking up and killing them won’t do, as you’ll only have a slight chance to get a small amount of the eyes you need. So what you will need to do instead is get yourself a sword enchanted with looting.

Looting increases the drops mobs have when they dye, so getting on your sword is the way to go if you want spider eyes. Once you get the spider eyes, just take them to the stand, throw the powder in with a water bottle, and then the spider eyes.

As a side note, if you don’t know how to get a water bottle, it’s simple, just get glass blocks. Take these glass blocks and put them in a crafting table using an iron bucket pattern – three objects in a v shape.

Doing so will make a glass bottle. now take this glass bottle to a water source to fill it. Filling the bottle will turn it into a water bottle. After all of this, you will be done and will have a weakness potion freshly made

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