The Kaizaar weapon series is one of the strongest weapons you can obtain in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. However, it can a bit time consuming to craft one due to the elusive materials required to make it. Here’s a short and sweet guide on how to make a Kaizaar weapon in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

Required Materials for Kaizaar Weapon Series

Making a Kaizaar requires four different sets of materials that are all obtained in different ways:

  • A +50 Rokz Weapon – Obtained from random loot drops in the Kvaris Region. These are common drops from the Kvaris Mining Rig Urgent Quest. Be sure to use your desired weapon type as the material. Must be enhanced up to +50.
  • 60 Icicle Cubes – Obtained from killing Ancients found within Rayjord Gorge of the Kvaris Region. Each Ancient drops three to five Icicle Cubes per kill, so it’s a bit of a grind. Be careful though—Rayjord Gorge requires you to have 100% Low Temperature Damage Resistance, or you’ll find yourself taking constant ice damage and often frozen in place. Eating certain foods, affixing resistance augments, and item drops from Lost Central Trials can give you the resistance you need.
  • 900 Icicle Orb – Obtained from completion of any Trials located within the Kvaris Region and from Frozen Item Containers scattered around the Kvaris Region. Note that to break these, you’ll need to use a Floating Board or Crystalline Ice Shard. They are also scattered around the region.
  • 150 Blizzardium – Obtained from exchanging materials at Rayjord Gorge Prep Supply Manager, Reso, in the Kvaris Camp. You can only exchange for a total of 20 Blizzardium per week. To get the total amount, you’ll need 200 Monolite, Dualomite, Trinite, and Tetracite. This is the most efficient way of obtaining Blizzardium, but it can be randomly purchased from the Treasure Shop with Meseta if you are a premium user. A single Blizzardium node also spawns on the highest peak in West Kvaris, once per day.

Exchanging for a Kaizaar Weapon

Obtaining the above resources will likely take several weeks, but once you’ve finished gathering them, head back to Rayjord Gorge Prep Supply Manager Reso. Like she allowed you to exchange for Blizzardium, you can also exchange the materials for your desired Kaizaar weapon of choice.

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Be absolutely certain about the Kaizaar weapon you wish to make. Once these materials have been exchanged, you will not be able to change your mind. You will be required to go through this process again if you wish to make a different type.

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