If you want to make a glow item frame in Minecraft, start by making the item frame first. To do this, you will need to make eight sticks and gather one piece of leather from a cow, and then place all of the resources in a crafting table. 

You will want to place the leather in the middle slot and then surround it with the sticks. Once you have done so, you will have then made one item frame. Now for the next part, you will need to get a glow ink sac from a glow squid – however, this is going to be tricky. 

The reason why is these squids are waaay harder to locate than usual squids. It’s because, unlike regular squids, glow squids only spawn deep underwater in the ocean or other water sources. Luckily you can make your life easier by making respiration potions or enchanting a helmet with at least respiration two or three.

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Doing so will allow you to get deep enough underwater to locate the squids, but don’t just stop there. You should also, get a weapon enchanted with looting, as if you kill squids with any old weapon, you will have a 1 to three chance to get an ink sac. 

That said, we recommend at least looting III on your weapon because if you do so, the drop rate will increase from three to six. When you finally get some glow sacs, you can then turn your item frame into a glow one, by putting the sac next to it inside a crafting table.

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How to use a Glow Item Frame in Minecraft

Once you finish crafting the Glow Item Frame, you can then use it just like with any other item frame in the game. The only difference is that this one will glow brightly in the dark, displaying the item inside the frame.

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