The Fire Farting potion is another wild concoction in Roblox Wacky Wizards. Upon drinking this potion, flames shoot from the player’s rear-end and the player shoots into the air in a ragdoll state. It’s not the most useful potion, but hey… why not, right?

Fire Farting Potion Recipe

128Fire FartingBeans + Chilli

To brew the Fire Farting potion, place one Beans ingredient and one Chilli ingredient into your cauldron. And that’s all there is to it: placing these ingredients inside the cauldron will spawn the Fire Farting potion. Pick up and drink the potion to shoot off into the sky!

Both ingredients for the Fire Farting potion can only be obtained by completing world objectives in the game. To get the Beans ingredient, players must blow open one of the cliff walls to enter the volcano and parkour to the top. To get the Chilli ingredient, players must visit a secret cave in the desert and complete a short obby.

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The Fire Farting potion isn’t necessarily helpful in Roblox Wacky Wizards, but it’s definitely a funny potion to show off to your friends. Admittedly, we kept ragdolling into the ground upon drinking the potion, rather than fly off into the gassy skies. But either way, brewing this potion should help completionists fill out their potions book.

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