Welcome to Bloxburg is a basic life simulator game that revolves around one individual and their life in a fictional city. Since almost everyone would like to have a pet in these life simulator games, here’s a quick tutorial on building a dog in Welcome to Bloxburg.

Building a dog in Welcome to Bloxburg

To build a dog, you will need to get your hands on a few items first. These items are as follows:

  • Small stool with four legs x 1
  • Large cutting board x 4
  • Small cutting board x 10
  • Napkin holder x 2
  • Napkin with rings x 4

Once you’ve arranged all the materials, it’s time to assemble them. Place the stool right at the bottom and then stack two large cutting boards on it. Place one napkin with rings on the right edge of the cutting boards and stack the remaining large cutting boards.

Once you’ve done that, place around four small cutting boards on the left edge of the large cutting board. On top of the small cutting boards, place one napkin with rings, and then stack three more on top of it. Place the two remaining napkins with rings side by side and cover them up with the remaining small cutting boards on this entire stack of small cutting boards. Once you’ve managed to do this, place the two napkin holders on either side of the small cutting boards, and your makeshift dog should be ready to rumble.

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