To make a candled cake in Minecraft, you will first need to make a cake. You can do this by gathering up three buckets of milk, two sugars, one egg, and three pieces of wheat.  Once you gather up all of the materials, place them accordingly inside a crafting table, as shown below.

That said, you can get two buckets of milk by right-clicking on either cows or goats in the game. After that, you can get sugar from either sugar canes or honey jars – we recommend the sugar cane route as it’s easier, as you can them near beaches. 

Once you get the sugar, you will need to get an egg from a chicken and then wheat, which can often be found inside villages and can be grown by planting seeds. 

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Now, to make candles, you will need honeycombs, which are obtained from beehives located in biomes such as the Plains, Sunflower Plains, and Flower Forests biomes.

After honeycombs, you will then need string, which you can get from killing spiders and destroying cobwebs – if you go with the spider route, make sure to bring a weapon with a looting enchantment, as it will increase the drop rate.

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That being said, after you got both the honeycombs and string, place them accordingly to the pattern shown below, and you will make a candle. 

When you got both candles and cake made, start by placing the cake down on the ground by right-clicking it while it is on your Hotbar, and then do the same with the candle onto the cake. 

Doing so will then make a candled cake, the perfect cake for any celebration – don’t forget to light the candle with a flint and steel, though.

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