To make a shield into a blue shield in Minecraft, you will need to get a shield and a blue banner.

Take both the shield and the blue banner and place them as shown below inside a crafting table. Doing so will make a normal shield in Minecraft into a blue shield.

But before you can do this process of turning normal shields into blue ones, you will first need to make everything that is required for the recipe.

Start by gathering the materials required for the shield. You will need at least five wooden planks and one iron ingot to make a shield.

To get wooden planks, you will need to chop down various trees and then place the normal wood blocks you get inside a crafting table.

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For the other resources you need, iron ingots, you will need to get iron ore and then melt it down inside a furnace. When you are done, you should have at least five wooden planks and one iron ingot. Place them as shown below to make a shield in the game.

To make a blue banner, you will need one stick and six blue wool. You can get both blue wool and sticks by turning normal wool into blue wool using blue dye and make sticks from wooden planks.

Place it all in the table shown below to make a blue banner in Minecraft when you have everything.

After you finish making the banner, take both the shield and the blue banner, and follow the recipe at the start of this guide to make a blue shield in Minecraft.

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