To make a Ballon in Minecraft Education Edition, you will need the following materials listed below.

  • Six Latex
  • One Lead
  • One Dye (Any Color)
  • One Helium 

If you want to get some of these materials, you will first need to make sure you are in Educational mode by checking the option on your world under activate cheats. 

After enabling Educational Mode, you will then need to enter creative mode and get an element constructor and a compound creator.

Place both structures down and start and start with the element constructor. You will need to use this structure to create both Helium and the elements needed for Latex. 

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To make Helium, you will need to put two protons, neutrons, and electrons in the sliders to the left of your screen. Doing so will give enough materials to make the Helium you need to make a Balloon in Minecraft, if you need an example of what to do look at the image below.

To make the materials needed for Latex, you will need to make both carbon and Hydrogen, and you will also need enough to make at least six Latex. One Latex requires five Carbon and eight Hydrogen, so for six Latex, and you will need 30 Carbon and 48 Hydrogen.

That said, you can make both Carbon and Hydrogen with the following amounts of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

ElementProtonsElectrons Neutrons
CarbonSixSixAt least five or up to eight
HydrogenOneOneOne or two

Once you have both enough Carbon and Hydrogen, you can then make around six latex by placing both materials inside the compound creator as shown below.

After making latex, move on to the next materials you will need, which is any kind of dye and a lead. You can get dye usually by gathering a certain flower, however, certain dyes will require other dyes, so if you need any help with dye crafting check out our how to make all dyes guide bundle.

Now for the lead, you will need one slime ball and four-string, you can get the string from spiders and the slime balls from killing slime mobs. Alternatively, you can just get all of these materials from the creative menu. When you get the materials for a lead, place them, how we have them in the image listed below.

Once you have the lead and dye made, you will be ready to start making a Balloon in Minecraft. Start by placing all materials exactly as shown in the image below.

Place the latest on both the left and right rows, the lead on the bottom slow, Helium in the middle, and the dye on the top slot, and you will create a Balloon in Minecraft.

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