Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong follows a Vampires group that aims to hide their true nature from humanity. Discretion is everything to Vampires in Swansong, and those who perform high-profile actions will incur the Suspicion of mortals. Suspicion will make players’ lives harder, so it’s essential to know how to lower it as time goes on.

What is Suspicion in Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong?

Suspicion is a measurement of how aware mortals are of your actions and the existence of The Masquerade. Kill too many mortals or leave too much evidence of your existence out for others to find, making your playthrough much more difficult.

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How to lower Suspicion in Swansong

To lower Suspicion in Swansong, players must progress through levels without performing actions that draw attention to them. The longer players go without killing or missing items that reveal the Masquerade, the more their Suspicion meter will drop. Try to kill as little as possible while playing Swansong and search for things too obvious for mortals to ignore.

Checking Suspicion in Swansong

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To see how high your Suspicion is in Swansong, open your menu and head to the Traits tab, where players can see how high their Suspicion meter is in the Shared Traits section, along with the effects that the current Suspicoin gauge has on gameplay.

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