Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is a free-to-play cross play title and the newest installment in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Digital card games. Konami has taken inspiration from other free-to-play games and implemented a battle pass called the Duel Pass. Those interested in the game may be wondering how to quickly level up their Duel Pass.

To level up your Duel Pass quickly in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, you will need to play Ranked Duels or Event Duels. Competing in and winning Ranked Duels earns the player the most Duel Pass points. But you still earn Duel Pass points even if you do not win, so compete in as many Ranked Duels as possible.

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  • Compete in a Ranked Duel – 50 -100 Points
  • Win a Ranked Duel – 120 Points

Earning Duel Points will increase your Grade Rank and level up your Duel Pass. As you progress into higher levels, you will need to reach a higher Grade which requires more points. Here are all the Grades and the necessary points needed.

Grade RankPoints Needed
31 and over100

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