Naraka: Bladepoint is a battle royale game featuring multiple characters and multiple weapons. To upgrade your characters you must play the game either using a specific character as character can be leveled up. By leveling up your characters you can unlock Immortal Treasure and other customization.

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Leveling up your characters is called cultivation. Each character can be cultivated separately. To cultivate your character, you need to complete specific quests. Completing these quests will unlock new skills and titles for them. Each stage title will reward the player with an Immortal Treasure. The final level of cultivation, The Chosen One awards the player an avatar icon specific to that character.

Each character also has Heroic Tales they can level up. These are divided into a prologue, and three separate chapters and each provides some backstory to the character. These tasks the player with completing a major challenge and must be completed in order.

In addition to these, the player has a level. Increasing this level is done by experience which can be earned multiple ways. As the player increases their level, they will unlock new glyph slots that all characters share in a general glyph board and each hero can unlock two additional glyph boards specific to that character.

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