Genshin Impact’s impressive lineup of characters only keeps growing as new updates come to life. But with an increasing number of playable characters comes the dilemma of who to prioritize with limited resources.

Leveling up characters is the most straightforward way to make characters stronger, but getting them to level 90 requires approximately 420 Hero’s Wits. Many players opt to stop pumping levels after 80, but that still costs about 250 Hero’s Wits to achieve.

Most instances will only give you a handful of these coveted materials, so it’s important to grab them whenever they’re available. Here are ways you can optimize your level-up material farming.

Realm Depot

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At Trust Rank 8, the Realm Depot will expand its selection of Realm Treasures to include Hero’s Wits. You can purchase 20 of them for x120 Realm Currency each. The stock refreshes weekly, giving you enough time to farm Realm Currency to buy all the items.

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Ley Line Outcrop

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You can spot Ley Line Outcrops around Teyvat, and they’re dotted across the map with similar-looking icons. Interacting with an Outcrop will prompt a battle, and defeating all enemies will spawn a Blossom of Wealth or Relevation.

The Blossom of Wealth gives Mora and the Blossom of Relevation gives a handful of Hero’s Wits—both of which are resources used for leveling up characters. The caveat is that obtaining the reward costs x20 Resin or x1 Condensed Resin.


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Events will almost always give out Hero’s Wits as rewards, whether from tasks or the Event Shop. So don’t forget to participate in events while they’re running to maximize your EXP material farming.


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You’ll encounter a ton of Chests in various rarities by completing quests, solving puzzles, and exploring Teyvat. The rarer Chests, such as Luxurious and Precious Chests, have a good chance of granting you some Hero’s Wit rewards. While scarce, they can still give your character some well-needed EXP.

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