Once players clear East Luterra, they will gain access to the Stronghold. They can undertake new tasks such as researching, crafting, and more here. This is done through various buildings. These buildings can be leveled up as well, giving new tasks and items.

To level your Stronghold buildings in Lost Ark, you will need to increase your Stronghold level and complete research. As your Stronghold level increases, you gain access to new research that levels up your buildings.

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What does leveling up your buildings in Lost Ark do?

Leveling up your buildings will give you new crafting recipes, new missions, and more. For example, once you level up your Dispatch Station to level 2, you gain access to research that increases your crew size for Dispatch Missions.

As you progress and level up your Stronghold, make sure you check your available research for building upgrades. These are vital to unlocking all the content that Strongholds offer, so make sure you are leveling up your buildings.

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