In most games, the player expects to be able to level up their profile and their character. Naraka: Bladepoint allows players to do both of those as well as level up their weapons. There are seven ranged weapons and six melee weapons that can be upgraded.

Leveling up your weapons is called weapon proficiency. Each weapon features a level that unlocks Tae, and every fifth level will either reward the player with an Immortal Treasure or a weapon skin. Leveling a weapon up to its max level will provide the player with an avatar icon that is relevant to the weapon.

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In addition to this, each weapon keeps track of its stats as you play. These include total damage, highest damage in a match, total kills, top kills in a match, assists, and counters. Leveling up weapons will not increase their damage so you don’t have to max out every weapon. Higher proficiency levels will also unlock new skins.

In-game weapons have a tier. There is no color for common, blue for rare, purple for legendary, and gold for epic with each level dealing more damage. As you use a weapon, it will degrade which will cause it to deal less damage. Using a weapon repair kit will bring the weapon back to its full durability and full damage. You can use melee weapons that have no durability but ranged weapons will break.

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