Are you itching to play Rainbow Six Extraction’s Maelstrom Protocol but don’t have it unlocked? The game’s progression system is complex and requires you to put hours into it. However, you can be efficient while playing to level up faster and earn more experience points.

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Players need XP to rank up their Operators and earn Milestone progression points to unlock items such as the new REACT Tech. We have compiled a list of things that’ll help you level up quickly in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Increasing the Threat Level

First and foremost, you can select the difficulty level before starting an incursion. Obviously, higher difficulty will grant you more XP on completion but will be more challenging. The four Threat Levels in the game are as follows:

  • Moderate: Default easy difficulty
  • Cautious: +50 percent objective XP
  • Severe: +100 percent objective XP
  • Critical: +200 percent objective XP

Completing Studies

Studies are objectives or challenges that you can complete inside the incursion area. You can access these tasks from the main menu or by bringing out the map during a match. For instance, one of the Studies was to mark (ping) a certain amount of Nests while the other was to destroy them.

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Reaching Higher Containment Zone Levels

Every match is divided into three levels or containment zones. After completing the mission in the first level, you get to choose whether to proceed to the next level or extract. If you and your teammates have proper resources and health, proceed to the next level before Rainbow Six Extraction.

For Moderate Threat Level, the XP reward for different levels are as follows:

  • Mission One – 1000 XP
  • Mission Two – 1500 XP
  • Mission Three – 2000 XP


In addition to the steps shown above, you should also do the following to increase your XP gain in Rainbow Six Extraction:

  • Kill special Archaeans such as Bloater and Lurker
  • Shoot at the enemies’ weak points
  • Make use of gadgets and REACT Tech such as Smoke and Mines
  • Scan enemies
  • Get penetration kills by killing enemies through walls
  • Get stealth kills
  • Perform takedowns
  • Take out the Nests

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