Prestige will help you expand your business and be seen favorably by humans. Understandably, you may be a bit confused about how it works and how to get more. Here’s a breakdown of the best method to quickly increase your Prestige Level in Bear and Breakfast and grow your B&B empire.

How to check your Prestige level in Bear & Breakfast

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To find out your Prestige Level, you’ll first need a front desk for your building. Once you have done this, go to the front desk and hit E to open your dashboard. This is where you can accept guests, see reviews, check your Prestige, and more. You’ll see your Prestige Level and the progression of that level in the bottom left part of the Dashboard.

What is Prestige?

Your Prestige Level reflects the quality of your accommodations in the eyes of tourists. The amount of Prestige you have is affected by the amount of decor in your dwelling. As you progress in Bear and Breakfast, you’ll gather more buildings for guests. The Prestige of your dwellings is different for each building.

Where to get more decor in Bear & Breakfast

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You’ll get most of your decor from Took’s dumpster. There are some other opportunities for decor later in the game, but they will not come frequently enough to rely on when quickly increasing Prestige. She is located immediately North of the Bus lot and slightly Northeast of the Pawn Voyage van in Timber Cross. She will be standing outside of the dumpster. Talk to her and bring her back a snack. After you do this, you can access her shop and get all the decor you need to quickly level up your prestige.

Where is the snack for Took?

You’ll find the snack for Took on the side of the bus that Oliver has left unattended. The bus area is directly South of Took. Oliver will be distracted and working on the bus underneath it. Grab the lunch sandwich that is to the left of the wooden chair. Take the snack back to Took to get access to the dumpster shop of decor.

How to get more Valuables in Bear & Breakfast

Getting Valuables in Bear and Breakfast is fairly easy. Simply keep an eye out for garbage-looking items while you wander around. This can be things like crushed cans and apple cores. Guests will also leave these around the places they are staying. Walking up to the garbage and hitting E will add them to your inventory.

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