A player’s Kingdom level limits the maximum level of their Cookies. In the early game, it’s highly recommended to focus on getting the Cookie Castle level as high as possible to unlock more content, but some prerequisites are easier to do after increasing your Cookies’ Power. In that sense, it helps to also work on increasing your Kingdom level to level up your Cookies and clear harder content.

Leveling up your Kingdom is easiest in the mid-levels, so you might struggle a bit early on. Here are the best ways to speedrun your Kingdom levels.

Story Quests

The easiest way to farm Kingdom EXP is through Story quests, which reward you with EXP for completing various tasks. These usually fall under the following categories:

  • Territory expansion
  • World Exploration
  • Building
  • Kingdom interactions, such as Wishes, Balloon Expeditions, and the Train Station
  • Decor points

Apart from guiding your game progression, these quests are around for most of the early and mid-game, providing you with a consistent dose of EXP.

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Focus on World Exploration quests, which give you huge chunks of Kingdom EXP just by clearing stages. While enemies become stronger as you progress, Cookies can typically defeat higher-powered enemies with the right team, and three-starring the stages isn’t necessary to complete the Story quests.

World Exploration

When you’ve completed all Story quests or are stuck at a stage but have Stamina Jellies to spare, use them up in World Exploration. Each stage drops an amount of Kingdom EXP, which increases as you further progress into the Story. Take advantage of the weekend Burning Time for double EXP and use Time Jumpers to auto-clear stages instantly if you’re in a rush.

Tropical Soda Islands

As you clear the fog blanketing the Tropical Soda Islands, you can unlock mini Islands that have been taken over by pirates. Liberate them to gain a few thousand Kingdom EXP and unlock resource production. Pirates can attack these Islands over time, giving you another opportunity to farm some EXP.

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Bounties not only grant you Skill Powders but also a little bit of Kingdom EXP. You can clear five stages per day for free while adding more battle chances costs Crystals. While the EXP gain is small, doing using all five chances daily is still highly recommended to farm Skill Powders as well.


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Granting Cookies’ Wishes gives you a few hundred Kingdom EXP each time. You can grant as many Wishes as you want each day as it’s separate from the Daily Reward. But fulfilling these can drain your resources, so it’s recommended to only grant Wishes until you’ve claimed the three Daily Rewards (45 Wishes).

Tip: If the Cookie’s request is unreasonable, click Refresh above their heads and wait 10 minutes for a new Wish to come in.

Balloon Expedition

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You can send Cookies off to a Balloon Expedition and claim rewards—including thousands of Kingdom EXP—every couple of hours. More Expeditions open as you complete Story chapters in the World Exploration. When the Expedition is a Super Success, you’ll gain double the EXP reward.

Once you’ve gained a fair amount of Kingdom levels, don’t forget to level up your Cookies with EXP Star Jellies. Check out our guide on How to farm EXP Star Jellies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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