There are plenty of objects that you can place in your house in Bloxburg that make for the ultimate roleplay and are essential for keeping up your character’s needs and improving their skills in-game. If you’re looking to portray a brilliant scholar and show off your smarts, there are ways to improve your Intelligence skills. Here’s how!

Find some books

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The best way to improve your Intelligence skill is to read a book. You can find books around your house either in a bookcase or on a bedside table. If you’re building a new home, you can buy other book-related objects to place down. Once you locate some, head over to them to interact. Most books and bookcases will allow you to click on them and press E to read.

Read a book

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You can press the profile button on the bottom right, which looks like the silhouette of a person. Then open the skills menu. From here, you should be able to see the Intelligence bar increasing while you read a book. You can read as long as you like to boost that skill continuously.

Level up your Intelligence

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Once that meter fills to 100%, you will level up your skill. You should see an achievement screen pop up like this. You will have to read for extended periods after this to excel your skill even further. You’re well on your way to being the smartest Robloxian in Bloxburg.

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