Salt and Sacrifice is a dark 2D platformer with souls-like combat and RPG mechanics. As you progress through the game, you will face more and more dangerous enemies. To better prepare yourself, you will need to level up. But this is not an automatic process, so you may be wondering how to level up in Salt and Sacrifice.

To level up in Salt and Sacrifice, you will need to accumulate Salt by defeating enemies. This acts as your experience points in the game. But this isn’t enough. You must also find the Shrine and manually level up there.

Where to level up in Salt and Sacrifice

You can level up at the Shrine in Pardoner’s Vale. This is the big statue that you can find at the top of the camp. You can either take the stairs to the left of Champion Hera or use the grappling hook to reach it by the trees to the right of Champion Hera. You can also use Starstones here to get skills.

How to get Starstones in Salt and Sacrifice

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Starstones are an important resource in Salt and Sacrifice. These are used to gain skills and traits. The main way of getting Black and Gray Starstones is by leveling up. Each level gives you a Black Starstone, while you get a Gray Starstone every five levels.

Some players have reported finding Starstones as enemy drops, but we have not encountered this ourselves. But you can keep farming enemies and maybe you will get lucky and get a Starstone.

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