In Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg, there are ten skills that you can level up. One of them is gardening, which is increased by interacting with gardens in ways such as planting and watering. But how do you level your skill up faster?

Cheap Plants & Repetition

One of the most classic tricks to leveling up your gardening skill is to buy a cheap planter and cheap plants. You will want to buy a really cheap planter like the Dirt Pile, which gets you the most size (5 x 5) for your money ($30). Then, you need to buy a cheap plant, like the Short Grass, which is cheap and has a grow time of less than seven minutes.

You can plant these, adding more than one Dirt Pile if you wish, though you don’t need to. Water the plant and wait for it to fully grow. After it is ready, cut the plant. You can repeat this process many times, leveling up a bit each time you fully plant the grass.

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Expensive Plants & Land

If you have money to invest and want to increase the value of your home while gardening, this method is for you. You need to make sure you have a large area to plant on. Once you do, add many Dirt Piles or whatever planter you wish. Then, add expensive plants (like the Lemon Tree or Noobish Hedge Sculpture) to those planting spots and water them all.

This is a unique choice in that it will obviously cost you quite a bit of money, and while the cost of plants has no bearing on leveling skills, you will ideally be planting a lot of them. Planting a lot gives you the ability to have many opportunities to plant and water at once. The expensive plants will also increase the value of your lot.

Use Blockbux & Sell Plants

If you do not want to spend a lot of time waiting for plants to fully develop, you can choose to use your Blockbux to speed along the growth process. Keep in mind, this will get very expensive very quickly, so make sure you have some money at the beginning. After plants grow, you will want to sell them. This will actually end up giving your a surplus of money while leveling up your skill. You should note that you do not want too many plants at once with this option, since plant selling prices decrease with the amount of plants you have on your lot.

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