It’s no secret that battles Triangle Strategy can get a little grindy. Your army will rarely be at the recommended level to take on the next stage if you don’t grind. What’s worse: there is no EXP sharing mechanic in the game. If your unit doesn’t attack or retires early into the battle, they won’t gain EXP.

The only way you can grind outside of the main chapter stages are by entering Mental Mock Battles at the Tavern in your encampment.

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But just entering Mental Mock Battles alone won’t be fast enough to quickly grind the EXP that you need. So, below are a few tips to speed things up:

  1. Attack if you can.  
  2. If you can’t attack, use a skill. Simply moving your unit won’t generate EXP, but a support skill like Flame Shield or Cure Wounds will. In fact, use skills even though they won’t contribute anything to the battle (like healing full-HP characters).
  3. Often make the lowest-leveled character deliver the fatal blow.
  4. Position your units on opposite sides of an enemy to set up a follow-up attack. Both units that deal damage during a follow up attack, even though it’s not their turn, gain EXP.

Whenever a new chapter unlocks, so does a new Mental Mock Battle stage. Its recommended level will often be one number below the main chapter’s. If you’re level grinding, do them there.

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