It’s not surprising for an anime RPG to be more difficult than most other Roblox experiences. However, Zenkai Origins may take this difficulty to a new level—pun intended. Climbing the ranks and leveling up your character is crucial in Zenkai Origins, so it can become a bit frustrating as you progress throughout the experience, gaining little to no level XP. In this quick guide, we’ll be going over a few of the fastest ways to level up in Zenkai Origins.

Completing story quests

Progressing through the story of Zenkai Origins is by far the best way to receive mounds of XP. Not only will it help you become familiar with NPCs and locations around the map, but it’ll also introduce you to numerous enemies, bosses, and dungeons that will become helpful later on! Complete story quests consistently, and you should begin to see your character rise in level.

Locate and fight through dungeons

As mentioned above, dungeons are another super effective way to farm XP. Though this method may be time-consuming, it has a rather impressive pay-out in the end. Some dungeons are even reset daily, such as Pilaf’s Dungeon, meaning you can continue to run through completed dungeons for as long as you’d like. Keep in mind that some dungeons offer difficult opponents, so it’s best to be a decently high level going in.

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Complete daily quests

Somewhat hidden around the map are daily quests for your character to complete that can award you with a great deal of XP. Most of these quests come from NPCs living in large cities such as West City and Central City. Completing these quests may take a while, but for those over level 60 struggling to continue excelling, this will be your biggest help and best bet.

Defeat daily bosses and enemies

Known as the over-powered strategy by many Zenkai Origins YouTube community members, regularly searching for and defeating enemies is seen as a worthwhile alternative to completing quests. Specifically, defeating all of the evil Saiyans and evil Namekians is highly recommended. Like completing dungeons, however, it’s important to keep in mind that fighting these enemies will require skill, patience, and determination.

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