Leveling up in Hood Outlaws and Legends takes some time, so here’s how to level up fast and unlock more rewards. 

How to level up quickly in Hood: Outlaws and Legends 

The primary way you can level up fast in Hood Outlaws and Legends is to simply play a lot of matches. But along with just playing match after match, you will need to accomplish a lot in these matches, such as getting a lot of kills, stealing the key, and capturing respawn points.

On top of performing well in matches, you can also complete a series of daily challenges to earn a little bit of gold and XP. For example, today’s challenge is the following.

  • Steal a Key
  • Get 5 Melee Kills
  • Activate an Ability 5 times

Completing challenges like the ones listed above is an excellent way to earn some side XP to help raise the ranks of all four characters. However, you will need to play one match before these challenges will unlock, after this, challenges can be accessed via the hideout.

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That being said, once you level a character, you will be able to unlock new perks which offer special bonuses to help your character win fights. You can also level your hideout fast by giving all of the money to the people when the option shows up after a match. Doing this will, in turn, unlock weapons and character skins.

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