Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is the latest expansion for the popular MMO. As with the previous expansions for Final Fantasy XIV, the level cap has increased, this time to level 90. Those aiming to hit max level may wonder how they can climb the ranks as soon as possible.

The fastest way to level up in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is by playing the Main Scenario Quests, or MSQ. Those aiming to hit max level will handily do so with one of their combat classes. If you desire to level up a secondary class to max level, we recommend participating in the following activities:

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  • Duty Roulettes
    • Completing Duty Roulettes grants a handsome amount of experience, and doing so for the first time each day gives players an additional bonus as well. This is also a great way to grab some Tombestones for armor and gear for each of your combat jobs.
  • Trials
    • Interested in tackling one of the game’s bosses? Trials are a great way to get straight into combat and unlock some goodies along the way. Try your hand at an extreme trial for a shot to get one of the game’s coveted mounts while you grind.
  • Challenge Logs
    • Check your Logs menu to see what tasks you have available for the week. Completing actions you’re already doing like running multiple dungeons in a week will net players large amounts of experience on top of what they’re already earning for completing tasks. It’s a great way to maximize your experience gain.
  • Deep Dungeons
    • Ever-changing dungeons like Palace of the Dead or Heaven on High are an excellent way to farm experience for those aiming to climb up from lower levels. Palace of the Dead becomes available at level 17 while Heaven on High opens up at level 61 to those who clear floor 50 of Palace of the Dead.

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