If you want to level up fast in Fallout 76, there are many methods you can use. The first and one we highly recommend is to farm certain enemies and specific areas in the game. 

You can even earn a ton more XP than you would from quest lines in the long run by farming both locations and enemy types. That said, we recommend farming the following enemies to level up quick in Fallout 76

  • Super mutants
  • Mole Miners
  • Deathclaws
  • Wendigos
  • Feral Ghouls
  • Cryptids 
  • Scorchbeast (If you are high level enough)
  • Gulpers
  • Mirelurks 

You can find these enimines in many locations in the game, but the best places to farm them would be the following. 

  • West Tek Research Center (Super Mutants)
  • The Burrows (Fearl Ghouls)
  • Welch (Mole Miners)
  • Monongah Power Plant (Mole Miners)
  • Sunrise Field (Mirelurks )
  • Hopewell Cave (Death Claws and other mutants)
  • White Springs Resort and Gulf Club (Ghouls, Mutants, Etc.)
  • Overgrown Sundew Valley (Deathclaws and other mutants)
  • Deathclaw Island ( I’ll you figure this one out)
  • Charleston Capitol Building DMV (Feral Ghouls)
  • Huntersville (Super Mutants)
  • Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02 (Deathclaws, ants, etc.)

However, you might want to grab a friend along for the ride depending on your level, as you will gain more XP while in a group. The other thing is that some enimines on this list tend to be around levels 50 and up.

So if you are a low-level player, you will want to take a stab at areas that tend to be around your levels, such as Wadeairport or locations like charleston. 

Events would also be your best bet at this level and even at higher levels with some of the more complex events. But for a low level, we highly recommend doing the events that spawn around Morgan town and near Vault 76.

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You can also get XP boosts from doing the Mama Dolce Food Processing event and using lunchboxes you get from challenges in the game. There are also a few charisma perks you can get that will boost xp gain. 

We recommend combining these extra methods in conjunction with farming events and the locations listed in this guide; doing so will and should level you fast as possible. 

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