Diablo Immortal is Blizzard’s mobile entry in the series. It contains many of the same features and mechanics found in the mainline titles. This includes leveling up and the grind to prepare for the endgame. This may leave you wondering how to level up quickly in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal leveling guide

You will gain experience points from most aspects of Diablo Immortal. But you will want to target specific ones to level up quickly. Here are some ways to level up fast in Diablo Immortal.

Main story quests

The main campaign quests are an excellent way to fast-track your experience. These typically provide the most experience points after completing major quests or defeating bosses. As you will naturally progress through the campaign, you can quickly increase your level by speeding through the main story.

Battle Points

We recommend holding on to your Battle Points until you are higher level. The reason for this is that you can spend Battle Points to unlock levels in your Battle Pass that provide large amounts of experience. But these scale with your level, meaning you get more experience the higher your level. So while spending them right away is tempting, save them for later.

Complete events, dungeons, etc.

Dungeons, Bounties, and Elder Rifts are all excellent ways to gain a lot of experience points. You should be hitting these as often as you can for the experience and gear they provide. Bounties have a daily limit, so make sure you complete them each day.

Tips and Tricks on leveling up fast

Skip side quests

While main quests will provide the most experience, you can primarily skip most side quests and actually improve your leveling speed. This is because side quests primarily do not provide as much experience as main story quests. But there are some that are worth doing as they are tied to exploring or other quests.

Equip the best gear

Equipping your best gear will let you progress through the game more quickly. Having your best gear increases your damage output and survivability, which means you can clear out mobs quicker and not have to worry about restarting because you died.


While mobs will provide experience, you can typically get more from completing quests. Avoid single mobs or groups with only a few as stopping to kill them isn’t worth the time. Larger crowds that can be wiped out with AoE abilities are typically worth slaying though.

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