To level up fast in Tribes of Midgard, you will need to farm camps and slay tons of enemies in the game.

The more you slay, the fast you will gain XP, which will level you up to a max rank of 10 for whatever class you choose in the game.

That said, you can find camps via large campfire icons on your mini or main world map. Camps also come in varying sizes, and the bigger they are, the more enemies there will be to kill.

These camps are as well a good source of souls, which can help get you better gear if you put those souls into the various crafting NPCs.

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Also, if you upgrade a crafting NPC, you will get a small XP boost, so it’s definitely worth farming camps for these souls.

Beyond camps, killing the various jotuns and other tough monsters like trolls, and linnorms is another good way to gain some extra XP. You can also try completing a few of the quests via the quest board next to the healer to level up fast.

This is because completing quests will reward players with both XP and souls and even rare items if you are lucky.

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