In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, we are given quests every week that we can complete for the rest of the season. One quest for Week 5 is to knock down Timber Pines in Fortnite. However, many of us have never even heard of the term before, which makes knocking them down quite a challenge.

The plus side to this quest is that it is very easy to complete once you know what a Timber Pine is. In fact, you have likely already knocked one of them down. Timber Pines are the extremely tall trees that have a large lower section with no branches or pines. You can see an example of what they look like in the image below.


Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

To knock down a Timber Pine, you simply need to approach it and hack away at it with your harvesting tool, like you would with any tree. When you have it hit enough times to completely deplete its “health”, the Timber Pine will fall over. You’ll be left with a giant log that rolls down hills and can destroy structures and hurt players if it hits them.

The best place to look for Timber Pines is in the northeast section of the map amongst the mountains. You can usually find all five of them in a single match if you try, making this one of the easiest quests so far. However, you fortunately don’t have to knock down all of them in a single match, as your running total carries over.

Once you have knocked down five of these massive trees, your quest is complete!

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