There are many enemies in Tunic to fight and overcome. These enemies employ different strategies and attack patterns, so you will need to mix up your strategy as well. One enemy that may give you some trouble is the green-cloaked spear enemy.

This enemy carries a shield that makes attacking it head-on impossible. It will block and immediately attack you with its spear if you try. Instead, you need to be patient and dodge its attacks before counterattacking.

How to defeat the spear enemy in Tunic

To defeat the spear enemy in Tunic, get close to it but do not attack. Wait for the enemy to attack you and dodge the strike. Then, you need to perfectly time your counterattack to make a special technique attack. This will dash you forward and strike the enemy.

Do not take this enemy head-on, as you will lose that fight. Its strike does a lot of damage and will quickly kill you. If you are having trouble with the timing of the special technique, you can opt to use explosives against the spear enemy.

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