You will face many enemies on your journey in Tunic. As a small fox, many of these enemies are dangerous and can kill you if you aren’t careful. One such enemy that can be tricky to fight is the spider. If you have trouble killing spiders in Tunic, we have some tips to help fight them.

Spiders are tricky enemies that can do a lot of damage quickly. They charge up their attack and strike suddenly, dashing towards you. Two hits from a spider are enough to kill you, so you will need to be careful when fighting spiders.

How to defeat spiders in Tunic

To defeat spiders in Tunic, wait for them to get close. They will back away from you, but when you turn your back on them, they will approach. When they get close or are cornered, they will start glowing and charging an attack. Dodge to the side and strike them.

If you are fast enough, you can kill the spider before it can attack again or run away. If you are facing multiple enemies or multiple spiders, try and lead the other enemies away. Typically only one spider at a time will attack, so make sure to be patient with your dodges and counterattacks.

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