Building Fury in Metal Hellsinger can be difficult for players unable to keep themselves from getting hit or attack on beat. Each weapon has a different tempo, and players can switch between them to see what they prefer or suits the situation better. Sigils will also help players, and some players may prefer some over others. These are some general tips and tricks to keeping up Fury in Metal Hellsinger.

How to keep Fury up in Metal Hellsinger

Fury builds up each time the player hits their attacks on beat and will decrease when not hitting a Good or Perfect on an enemy. It is also reduced whenever the player gets hit, making dashing very effective when getting that 16x Streak. These are a few ways players can ensure that they listen to the vocals of the tracks in the game and build up their score to rise on the leaderboards at the same time.

Using Streak Guardian

The Streak Guardian Sigil is the first Sigil on which players can get their hands in the game. It is a reward from the Killing With Rhythm Torments, so players can miss their shots many times before their Hit Streak goes down. This pairs well with the Enduring Fury Boon as it slows down the rate at which Fury depletes after reaching six hits.

Using Paz

Paz is given to the player immediately and will always be equipped along with the Terminus. Even when not in combat, players can continue to fire Paz on beat, and they will build their Fury up. Switching to it whenever there is a gap between enemies is a great way to build up the Streak and not lose much score due to time either.

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Using Perfectionist

The Perfectionist Sigil, rewarded from the Slaughter Mastery Torments, will increase the rate that Fury builds whenever the player scores a Perfect on beat. This is especially useful for players that may struggle to keep their Fury up as it rewards them whenever they do well in combat.

Using Unyielding Fury

The Unyielding Fury Sigil, rewarded from the Giant Slayer Torments, will prevent the Fury multiplier from dropping below a certain point. This depends on the upgrade level of the Sigil.

Using Pots, Crystals, and Dashes

In and out of combat, players can hit pots and Styx Crystals to keep their multiplier up. Additionally, players can dash three times in a row to get a Triple Dash that will reward some Fury as well.

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