Keeping everyone alive in The Quarry is an arduous task, making players plan ahead from even the earliest parts of the game. Players seeking to get the Rough Night achievement can do so on subsequent playthroughs or on a new game. This is how to keep everyone alive in The Quarry.

How to save everyone in The Quarry

General tips & tricks to keep everyone alive

  • Get on everyone’s good side and avoid unnecessary conflict between characters, players should try to be nice whenever possible. This is mainly important when interacting with the cop but will be important later on as well.
  • Succeeding the QTEs is equally important as many scenes can end in a character’s death for failing them, however, there are some Reactions that players must neglect.
  • While keeping everyone willing to support each other and choosing the correct story paths, players will be able to keep everyone alive until dawn.

How needs to be alive for the Best Ending of The Quarry

Only the main cast needs to stay alive, the Hackett’s fates do not matter. On subsequent playthroughs, players will have the Death Rewind feature to make it easier.

  • Abigail
  • Dylan
  • Emma
  • Jacob
  • Kaitlyn
  • Laura
  • Max
  • Nick
  • Ryan


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During the Prologue of the game, many of the player’s choices don’t make much of a difference apart from being nice to the cop.

To gain additional exposition and dialogue, players can grab the map, snoop, and be nice to Max. When speaking to the cop, players should be Compliant, Honest, and Friendly.

At the end of the chapter, the decision on what to do about Max will not affect the survival rate of any characters.

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Chapter One

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During the first scene of Chapter One, while playing as Jacob, players should choose to steal the rotor arm instead of breaking the fuel line. This ensures that other characters will be in an easier to control environment later in the game.

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Players should break into the cabin during the second scene while playing as Abi. Exploring around, Abi will find a doll. Players can take this doll for safe keeping to ensure the safety of counselors later in the game.

The rest of the chapter has no bearing on survival but players should try to ensure that the counselors get along with one another. This means being Friendly during interactions between Jacob, Dylan, and Nick, and Playful, Understanding, and Supportive during interactions between Ryan and Dylan.

Chapter Two

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While playing as Emma during Chapter Two, they can acquire a way of saving themselves later in the game. When inspecting the second locked door, Emma can call Jacob to unlock it. Inside the room is a safe code that she will automatically use when leaving. Choosing to take the fireworks can save players later on.

The rest of the chapter can be played however the player decides to.

Chapter Three

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While playing as Abi during the scene with Nick, players can choose either option to run or help Nick. She should not react and avoid climbing the tree. Hiding as Abi and succeeding in the Don’t Breathe event will ensure that no complications arise through the rest of the game. If players get bitten, this can be resolved later in Chapter Nine.

NOTE: Nick will always get attacked and there is no way to prevent this.

Jacob’s first scene with Emma has no decisions that directly affect survival.

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While playing as Ryan, players should be Assertive and take shortcuts. Not failing any of the QTEs will award players the Nick of Time achievement. Choosing to shoot the hunter will give Ryan an item that can be useful later in the game.

While playing as Jacob again, Pleading with the hunter and not throwing dirt will give Jacob some extra protection should players fail QTEs later.

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Chapter Four

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As Ryan, players should apply pressure and avoid shooting. The option to shoot will come up twice and players must refuse to shoot both times.

As Emma, players have two opportunities to avoid death. Checking the bags will give Emma a taser and some clothes. Emma can then use the taser in the next encounter, as well as the bear spray when available. Several QTEs are required to ensure Emma stays alive.

Dylan can give the gun to Kaitlyn to help with failed QTEs in the following chapter.

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When playing as Emma again, players should choose to reel slowly. It makes less noise if players don’t press any buttons but choosing to reel slowly twice in a row will have the same result. Choosing to reel in quickly and passing the QTEs, followed by jumping, will still make sure Emma survives.

Chapter Five

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Not speaking up and passing all the QTEs as Kaitlyn will ensure the safety of everyone. Alternatively, players can fail the QTEs and get blood splattered on them. The second failed QTE can be solved by shooting the table. When reuniting with the others, players can hide and make their escape by passing the Don’t Breathe event.

When Dylan and Ryan are in the radio tower, players should avoid shooting and encourage Dylan to come up with a plan. When things go wrong, choose the chainsaw.

Chapter Six

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Players choosing to hide while playing as Jacob will be required to pass a Don’t Breathe event. If players choose to run, a few more QTEs will have to be passed in order to survive. After this, Jacob can step into a bear trap and must pry it open.

When playing as Kaitlyn, players should intervene when prompted to and choose to save Nick.

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As Abi, being nice to Nick is entirely optional. She must shoot Nick in order to avoid being killed. Nick can be saved later in the game.

While playing as Emma, the paths do not matter as the two of them intersect.

Chapter Seven

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While playing as Laura, players can heavily change the outcome of the game. To keep everyone alive, there are two ways that players can choose to act. Complying with Travis the cop and finding the syringe in the third office upstairs will give players the ability to not take the gun. Laura must hide the syringe behind the loose brick in her cell for this to work. Otherwise, players will have to take the gun but choose not to shoot Travis. Shooting Travis will cause Laura to die later in Chapter Nine.

Back in the present, Laura must show her bite as it will lead to saving Ryan in a future chapter.

As Jacob, players should plead to avoid upsetting his kidnappers.

Chapter Eight

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During the interaction between Ryan and Laura, players should avoid any hostile dialogue choices. Making sure that Ryan and Laura get along and don’t argue will be important in keeping them both alive. Players can choose either of the first three options and then choose to be Guarded, Compassionate, Friendly, Inquisitive, Reflective, and then Compassionate.

While playing as Kaitlyn, players should choose to be Honest and Encouraging.

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When exploring again as Ryan, players will need to pass any QTEs they come across. They must make sure to not open the cage and intentionally fail the first Interrupt event. When Laura approaches the other cage, players have to stop Laura from killing the person in the cage by choosing to Interrupt her.

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In order to free Jacob, Ryan has to flip the correct switches. They are four switches total and they open up the cages that the numbers add up to. Players must open cages three and five. To do this, Ryan must flip switches one and two first, followed by switches two and three.

Chapter Nine

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The only dialogue choices in Chapter Nine that matter are the ones that involve Laura and Ryan. When Ryan gets stabbed, he must not take the knife out. Passing the Don’t Breathe event is necessary to keep Ryan alive, as well as succeed all the QTEs. Hiding will keep Ryan alive but players can still fail the Don’t Breathe event in the wall and be okay as long as players pass the QTEs after getting caught.

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When Laura catches up with Ryan, to keep Ryan alive, Laura must bite Ryan. If he isn’t bitten, Ryan will bleed out at some point.

When playing as Dylan, players should warn Kaitlyn when spotting the werewolf and make sure to succeed in all QTEs after. Sounding the horn or setting the werewolf on fire both work as long as players succeed in mashing the correct button.

If players did not get the stuffed animal when playing as Abigail in Chapter 1, Kaitlyn will need Abi’s help. To do this, Abi will have to search through the basement to find silver shotgun shells by the fusebox to give to Kaitlyn. This will cause her to try to help Kaitlyn in Chapter 10, and Kaitlyn will have to investigate to get the shells.

Ryan must kill Chris Hackett in order to save himself, Laura, Nick, and anyone else that got bitten due to the player’s actions. If players shot Travis in Chapter Seven, then Laura will be killed. Laura must cooperate with Travis in order to save everyone else.

Chapter Ten

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Players should begin the start of Chapter 10 as Max. When given the choice to swim off the island, it’s safer for him to stay. If no characters are infected then he can swim to shore, but if anyone is bitten, Max will die if he tries to swim.

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When playing as Kaitlyn, there are two methods to ensure both she and Dylan survive. While exploring the rooms and looking for a vantage point, Kaitlyn can go to the kitchen in order to examine the stuffed toy. By examining the toy, Kaitlyn will be able to use it as a distraction later in the chapter. Otherwise, Kaitlyn can be saved by Abi with the silver shells.

After choosing Prepare For Attack, Kaitlyn should choose Run instead of Wait. Choosing Wait will result in Dylan getting killed. The rest of the options don’t matter as long as players perform the QTEs correctly. Players can either get helped by Abi if they got the shotgun shells, or continue to run with Dylan. If players run with Dylan and end up in the kitchen, Kaitlyn will have to use the doll as a distraction to lead the werewolf into the freezer.

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When switching back to Laura and Ryan, players have to succeed in all the QTEs regardless of if they choose to grab the gun or the steering wheel. Once the characters get out of the car, if players shot the hunter in Chapter Three, Ryan will have a vial of blood that players can use on Ryan or Laura. Regardless of the choice, as long as players shoot Silas, both will survive. Players can choose to not choose Silas right away, however, this only results in Travis’s death.

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