As Dusk Falls is an interactive story game where you pave the way and determine the outcome, either solo or by partying up with friends. There are plenty of twists, turns, and struggles to overcome in this action-packed story. However, this means you must make hard choices that affect characters within the game. They can even mean life or death for some of them, including Big Sam. Here’s how you can keep Big Sam alive in As Dusk Falls.

How to save Big Sam in As Dusk Falls

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During Chapter 1, as the Holt boys arrive at the motel, a police officer named Big Sam stops by. You are tasked with either trying to let him know you need help or keeping quiet as the Holt boys ordered. This tough decision will determine Big Sam’s fate and can potentially get him killed. Here are the steps you need to take to keep him alive.

Keep Joyce quiet

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As hard as it may be to follow along willingly with the Holt brothers’ commands, you will need to for now in order to get this outcome. This means when you are told to keep the dog quiet, prioritize that over trying to calm Joyce. This will lead to Joyce getting her mouth taped, which you will need to complete as told. It will work out better when Big Sam enters the store.

Hide the evidence

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After Big Sam enters the motel, there is a moment you will notice Joyce’s earring on the floor. It is crucial that you choose to hide this evidence to save Big Sam. If you don’t hide the evidence and Michelle and Zoe come into the shop, Zoe will point out the earring. This will draw attention to the threat and cause Big Sam to be suspicious.

Tell a bit of truth

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When Big Sam begins to ask questions, you will still want to tell him a little bit of truth, but only enough to save him from suspicion. You will want to avoid bringing up any sensitive information that could lead to trouble. You want to tell him you are traveling with your wife and kid, which might also be better if you have already told the Holt boys this. If you don’t tell him this truth, Michelle and Zoe entering later will lead to suspicion and reveal your lie.

Lay low

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One of the most essential parts of keeping Big Sam alive is to lay low. Even though you must be a tiny bit honest with some details, you still don’t want to make any choices that would alarm him that something is wrong. Keep all your answers calm and collected.

  • When asked, “What Brings you to Two Rock?”: reply “Vacation
  • Which city in Mexico?“: reply “Acapulco” or “Mexico City
  • When Michelle asks, “What’s happening?“: reply, “Nothing
  • If Big Sam asks one more time if everything is alright: reply, “Yep

If you manage to keep Big Sam from suspecting any trouble, he will then leave the motel without getting shot and survive. Let us know if these choices worked for you in the comments below! If they didn’t, you might have made decisions earlier on that affected the outcome. Pay careful attention to what you choose to say to people, as it might change the way they behave later on.

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