After you have activated the first Seed of Life, you must go on another journey to activate some others. The game’s second area is a lava canyon area, where lava and heat will kill you faster than the darkness of the previous area. You’ll eventually get to an area where you have to jump over stone pillars, which sounds simple.

First, you must be able to use your sprint capsule well. If you are using a controller, this means pressing in the left thumbstick for an obscene amount of time, which is pretty unnatural. First, my advice is to switch over to keyboard control if playing on the PC version, as holding down Shift is much easier. If on console, bear with it as much as you can.

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Speed/sprint is not enough to make it over the stone pillars by itself, as there are impossible jumps that you clear. You need to be using the vision capsule ability to succeed. There are purple platforms over jumps over these impossible jumps that you need to use as stepping stones to get to the other side.

No matter which way you go over the stoner pillars, these purple platforms are there to help you, but only if you are using vision. This area is a lot of trial and error, but respawning is so swift, you’ll be back attempting not to fall into lava over and over again in no time.

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