Jumping is one of the vital movement mechanics in Krunker. While the core feature allows players to jump to a certain height, some players have found a unique trick that makes them jump higher than usual. To perform this small trick, you will need to combine the base jump mechanic with the recoil knockback of a shotgun.

How to Jump in Krunker

Before attempting the trick, let us learn how to jump in Krunker. To jump in Krunker, you will need to press the Spacebar button on a keyboard/mouse setup. For gamepad/controller users, press the A (Xbox Layout) button.

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Jumping higher in Krunker

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As mentioned earlier, you can jump higher by performing a combo with the recoil knockback of a shotgun. For this, you will need to equip the shotgun as your primary weapon. To do this, select the Vince option from the class list, and by default, your primary weapon will change to the shotgun.

After equipping the shotgun, press your jump button and shoot your gun toward the ground. You will jump higher than usual using the knockback recoil of the shotgun. It may be difficult for new players to execute the combo at first. But, with time, you will get hold of the mechanics.

Remember, apart from jumping higher, you can use the trick to slide and surf by shooting toward the desired direction on any solid obstacle.

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