If you are trying to join the closed beta for New World, you can do so by heading on over to the official site for the game. Once you are at the site, you can then sign up for the beta by hitting the button that says sign in with amazon. 

At this point, you will need to log into your amazon account, and once you do, you will have just signed up for the closed alpha and will receive an invite code if you get invited by devs. 

The other method for joining the closed beta is to simply pre order the game. Doing so will secure your access to the closed beta on July 20th of this year.

Preorder also seems like the more surefire away to guarantee to join the beta. Along with that, you will also get some decent pre-order incentives such as the following. 

  • Isabella’s amulet – Sepcial in game item that gives additional constitution to weather attacks and deal additional damage against certain types of supernatural enemies.
  • Unique title – players will get a special Expedition One title with this reward.
  • Emote – In-game fist bump emote.
  • Guild crest set – Three unique guild crests that will contain various in game items such as weapons.

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