Games are always better with a friend or two. Sometimes those friends are strangers you’ve not yet met. Many games implement systems to play with others that have everyone benefit. They go by many names: guilds, free companies, clans, and in Tower of Fantasy, they’re called crews.

What are crews in Tower of Fantasy?

To join a crew, you must first be level 16. Then, bring up the menu and click the crew button. Click the name of the crew you would like to join and then press the request button to send an application. Alternatively, you can search for specific clans to join and send your application that way.

To leave a crew, simply click the leave button on the crew’s member screen. Note that if you leave a crew, you must wait two hours before joining another.

Perks of joining a crew in Tower of Fantasy

There are several benefits to joining up with a crew in Tower of Fantasy. The first is that crew members will receive Honorary Rewards every Monday morning. The quality of these rewards increase alongside your honor value.

Crews also have a Crew Store where members can purchase a variety of items using crew merit points. As the crew leader increases the store’s level, the quality of items will increase.

Finally, crew members will receive a damage buff of 10% (capping at 30% boost) in the Frontier Clash mode.

Now that you know how to join a crew, sign up and immediately start debating if Tower of Fantasy is pay to win.

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