If you are looking to start your musical career, one option is to pick up a musical instrument and join a band in Bitlife. That being said, here’s how to join a band and what you need to do.

How to start a band in Bitlife

If you are looking to join a band, the first thing you need to do is learn how to play a musical instrument, and to do this, you will need to start from a young age. After this, when you turn 18 you will be able to join a band by finding a musician job in a band in the careers tab. 

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That said, when you reach the age of six or five, the option to practice instruments will unlock under the body and mind tab. Click this tab, and you will have the choice of the following instruments to play under the practice instruments activity.

  • Keyboard
  • Drums
  • Bass/Normal Guitar

Pick any of the instruments listed above and practice them every year you age. As you gain more skills with your chosen instrument, you will potentially be approached or notified when bands are looking for players. However, you will need to continue to practice your instruments all the way to the age of 18 before you can be recruited to a band. That said, we highly recommend practicing all the way through college and getting a decent part-time/full-time job to pay for your lessons. 

Once you are ready and 18 years old, you will be able to join a band by clicking the job tab and searching for a Musician job that belongs to a band searching for new players. If you don’t see a job, age up and recheck the job tab again. When you do find the job, you will need to audition to them before you can fully join, and if you are highly skilled, this won’t be a problem.

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